Monday, 21 May 2012

20/5/12 - LSD Run, Puchong Kinrara (Newton Route)

Every weekdays or weekends, LYNRs will be spotted on the road as one of our quotes "WE spam as much as WE run" This week's run was a tapering run in support of those who are doing Sundown Singapore 2012 on the coming weekend. Before we forget, all the best to those who are doing Sundown 2012! We had 13 runners ( of which Wayne Way started late and I think he did only 2k because of the Champion League Final and too happy with Chelsea being the Champ!).

This time round we had friends from as far as Rawang (the usual hardworking runner), Kota Damansara, Ampang, Setapak and Klang. Also we had 3 new faces i.e. Hoo Wai Hong, Cliff Choy and Noobus Chang. Runners were broken into various groups as initially some planned to do 15k, 21k and 30k but in the end no 30k was accomplished as Victor Chong and coach K1 decided to called it a day after 17k. Rao and Kannan, completed their planned 21k run.

The run ended with a not so healthy breakfast of roti canai and roti telur at the usual Aladdin Bistro. I am sure the owner is hoping that everyday is a weekend as there will be some additional businesses from us or other runners. Many stories were exchanged within the runners from gossiping of "you know who" to what's beyond the universe.

As usual, the run cannot be left out without having a photothon session. This was taken with the latest Android running on ICS OS but the photographer is not competent enough to handle the usual, one of the worker from Aladdin Bistro.

less Blur pic


  1. its great to run wt u guys..

  2. Use the Pix from K1's. This 1.. very the Mong la... beside, Wayne's eyes EPIC leh....

    1. K1's pix without K1 in it. How can we leave him out?