Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Supergirl's (Cheng Yu) FMV @ The inaugural Malaysia Women Marathon 2013

Without thinking much, I've registered a full marathon for MWM, inspired by Jason Tan (boyfriend's running mate). I was just started running 10km last year, 21km this year and then followed by 42km. Without LSD training, and i did a costume run for my vfm.
Me and my boyfriend, Jason Kow
at one of the water station, still close by my side

My knee started to pain after 2-3km run, and i have another 40km to go, first thought in my mind was i cannot finish it but my boyfriend telling me, pain is just for temporary, keep running don't regret it. And so i continued. I'm very lucky to have very good supportive boyfriend back up me, nothing is impossible when i have faith and he's there to give me support and courage. I tell myself, even if i cannot finish this fm, I'll be happy too because at least I'm brave enough to take the challenge, and there are so many friendly & helpful runners cheering me up. Lastly, what i want to tell is: If you think you can, you can! Enjoy the pain, get the pride, no regret and run with style!!

Group photo prior to the run, photo credit to ET Tey

Written by, Cheng Yu

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  1. Is anyone going for dis run? Got money ah? This will be my 1st marathon think I really need some advice on long distance race, anyone can help me?