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The Difference Between Running and Jogging (cyktrussell)

What’s the difference between Running and Jogging?
When I first got this question I thought to myself “Don’t touch it! There’s no way you can answer this without making someone mad…”  Then I asked some friends and fellow runners this question.  I was surprised by the quick answers I got.  It turns out most runners have, at least in their own minds, a solid opinion of what delineates ‘jogging’ from ‘running’.
We all know what running is, right?  I mean the physical act of running, regardless of pace, form or effort is easy to differentiate from walking, sitting, swimming, crawling or laying on your back in a Hawaiian shirt in a hammock.  The term itself isn’t controversial.
However when you ask a runner if they are going ‘jogging’ be prepared to get a scandalized dirty look.  “We’re not jogging!” They protest.  “We’re Runners!” It’s as if you’ve accused them of not being worthy.
I looked up the etymology of ‘Jogging’.  As a word it is a gift of the British from the mid-seventeenth century that had none of the emotional overtones.  It simply meant to perambulate in some form or other.  Saying “I went for my morning jog” was just a tad more whimsical way of saying ‘walk’ or ‘brisk walk’.   Those whacky Brits.
Jogging presumably acquired some of its less-favorable overtones when Bill Bowerman went ‘jogging’ in New Zealand with Arthur Lydiard and subsequently wrote the book titled, yes you guessed it, “Jogging” in 1966 proposing this recreational form of running as the solution to many social ills and  health problems.
It would seem that during the first running boom of the 1970’s ‘jogging’ was just a way to describe running for your health with no particular competitive inclination.  I think this is where jogging starts to get painted with a negative patina.  It came to be seen as a slower, lower effort, non-competitive version of running.
It seems “Jogging” was originally intended to be a subset of running; a less strenuous, less serious form of running. It was running for the non-competitive masses.
Dr. George Sheehan is famously quoted as saying that the difference between runners and joggers is a race number. The thought being that as soon as it becomes a competition – you are running.  This is one of the most common responses I got when I polled my virtual running friends with this very same question.
Curious man that I am I spent the weekend asking every runner I met if they could describe the difference in the terms.
I asked my friend Rich on our long run this morning and he immediately replied “8-minute miles”.  I was expecting a more thoughtful, if not philosophical response.  I asked him why 8-minute miles?  He said, “Because that’s what the Garmin defaults are!”  It turns out when you get your new Garmin GPS device it will have the transition from run to jog at an 8-minute mile.
Of course, that’s just an arbitrary number set by some Product Tech.  Not all responses to my question were that definitive but many framed the difference as one of pace, effort or distance.  People seem to sense that running is ‘more’ and jogging is ‘less’ in some way but they are hard pressed to come up with a quantification.  The border between running and jogging is apparently amorphous and mostly self defined.
One interesting wrinkle I got on the ‘effort’ argument was ‘conversational’ pace.  Meaning that if you can still hold a conversation while you’re running, then you’re jogging!  I guess that would put an end to my long runs because they would now be long jogs.
When pressed, most people will cite ‘intent’ or ‘purpose’ as the difference.  I tend to fall into that group.   This cadre believes that the difference between running and jogging is not speed or distance.  For this group running requires a more focused purpose, perhaps the existence of goals, maybe the following of a plan.  This faction believes that the runner is not just aimlessly moving about, but is working, to the best of their ability and resources to achieve something.
I think my favorite response was ‘Sweat Pants’.  Meaning if you’re out in your Chuck Taylor’s and sweats, chances are you’re a jogger.  Another great observation made was that whenever the news talks about it, as in “Miley Cyrus was seen jogging” or “Jogger attacked in the Park”, they never say ‘running’, they always say ‘jogging’.  Therefore, if you’re not on the six o’clock news, then you’re a runner.
Why are we so offended when someone asks us if we have been ‘jogging’?  Why the personal affront?  Because, when you call me a jogger you lessen the value of what I’m out there doing.  You take away from the personal sacrifice, the miles and the pain I’ve invested in my sport.  I’m not winning any races, but I’ve worked hard my whole life, as a runner, to walk the talk.
We see what we do as clearly different than the casual and occasional jaunt around the neighborhood in sweat pants.  Is there a point where a jogger becomes a runner? Is it the point where recreation gives way to focus?  Is it the point where we start to care?  Is the very fact that we are offended by being called a ‘jogger’ proof in itself that we have made the transition?
Running, is not about speed, time or miles.  Running is not in our legs.  Running is in our hearts and our heads.  Running is what we bring to the sport, what we sacrifice and what we burn on our alters of shoes and shorts and race bibs.
The truth? The truth is that a runner is that person that defines themselves as a runner because as soon as they do that, they have made the transition from jogging to running.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mistaken Identity

Recently alot runner injury, and they think they are doctor tat can diagnostic themself from all the date they found from internet....Maybe the information that we get is correct, but the injury at our body is different. Because Computer dint had and scanner that scan our body. So i came across this articles from

What hurts? Shins
You think: Shinsplints
But it could be: A Stress Fracture
The Difference: The pain strikes the same lower-leg area. However, shinsplints pain lessens as you warm up, while stress-fracture pain continues through the end of a run, says John DiFiori, M.D., team physician at UCLA. Stress-fracture pain often feels deep and radiates over a wide area, and weight-bearing activities increase the discomfort, says Clint Verran, a 2:14-marathoner and physical therapist in Lake Orion, Michigan. "If you're unsure, or if symptoms don't go away in three weeks, get a bone scan to rule out a stress fracture," Verran says.

What hurts? Knees
You think: "Runner's Knee"
But it could be: Iliotibial Band Syndrome
The Difference: The iliotibial band (ITB) is connective tissue that runs from your hip to your knee. "A tight IT band can cause friction along the outside of your knee, which is why it feels like a knee problem," Verran says. "I've seen people get surgery for a meniscus tear and the doctor gets in there and realizes there's no tear." If it's ITB syndrome, then running downhill, lengthening your stride, and keeping your knee in a bent position for extended periods will exacerbate your symptoms. Stretching to loosen the band can help resolve the problem.

What hurts? Lower Back
You think: Back Injury
But it could be: A Piriformis Strain
The Difference: "The piriformis muscle is deep in the hip region, next to the sciatic nerve," Verran says. "If it becomes strained and goes into spasm, it can mimic a lower-back injury." Often piriformis strains happen when you're putting in a lot of mileage on hard surfaces. The pain usually centers around the gluteal region and gets worse with prolonged sitting. A doctor or physical therapist can differentiate between sciatica and piriformis syndrome by stretching your piriformis muscle and conducting range-of-motion tests. The good news: Piriformis injuries tend to respond well to physical therapy.

What hurts? Sinuses, neck, random body parts
You think: A persistent cold or a few nagging injuries
But it could be: Overtraining Syndrome
The Difference: Push your body beyond its ability to recover, and it will start to break down, a phenomena that exercise physiologists call overtraining syndrome. The problem is that every runner's body has its own breaking point, and the warning signs are easy to brush aside. Look for a cascading effect, says Kristen Dieffenbach, Ph.D., an exercise scientist and athletic coaching education professor at West Virginia University. "It's a chain of events," she says. "You had one thing and now it's two and then three." Overtraining actually results from too little recovery, which can happen even at low mileage. "You're run down, so you keep getting colds and little aches and pains," Dieffenbach says. Other symptoms include moodiness, depression, a dip in performance, trouble sleeping, and persistent fatigue. The cure: rest and recovery.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Be A Runner Be A Giver ( Arsenal Charity Run 2012)

Good News!!! to all Gunner fans...include me!!!! For the first time Arsenal Malaysia will held a run in Malaysia with the title " Be A Runner, Be A Giver"

Where it will held?? Matic Jalan Ampang
When it will held?? 15 July 2012 ( Sunday) same date as Seremban Half Marathon
Are u Ready for the Challenge??

“Be A Runner Be A Giver” Charity Run 2012 event will be a yearly program by Arsenal Malaysia from this year onwards in conjunction with Arsenal Football Club “Be A Gunner Be A Runner” Charity Run event for Save The Children Organization ( As a local supporters club, Arsenal Malaysia have identify few orphans houses including our own adopted orphans’ house called Pusat Jagaan Suci Rohani in Bandar Utama in Petaling Jaya for the donation channel. Thus, the other objective in organizing this event is to generate awareness and promoting healthy lifestyle through sports and fitness activities as well as to encourage and support the growth of sports industry and sports tourism in Malaysia.

There will be 9 categories: 

Entry Fees: 

Winner of each categories will win:
Cash + Telco starter pack + reload card + Arsenal Asia Tour 2012 Match ticket
2nd - 10th places of each categories will win: Cash + Telco starter pack + reload card 

Come and join us.. COYG!!!

Register Online (coming soon)

Wanna have a personalize Pacesetters finishing T-shirt with your name on it for FREE for finishing 2012 SCKLM Full Marathon?

This was announced by a committee member from Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia. If you are an active member with no overdue subscription, you will be entitled to a personalized Pacesetters finishing T-shirt, provided you finished the SCKLM Full Marathon and register with the club's Secretary by 15 June 2012. I just renewed it for the 2nd time. Sadly only for Full Marathon.

With a mere RM36 a year, one gets a small discount from races organized by PACM, some discounts from selected running outlets and also quarterly magazine. All these would make your RM 36 invested returns in no time.

A check was done with Ms Wendy Soo and according to her, new members (can lah!) also entitles to the finishing T, provided one subscribe to the membership fast. However, I am not sure how fast? Try giving her a call at 03-7971 9766 to find out more

Sundown Marathon 2012 - FMV report (Jeff Wong)

In 27 years of my life I never liked running. In Uni days & while working I played basketball and squash, but was NEVER a runner. I've started running on 10th June 2010, at MPSJ 10km Fun Run when my good friend Jet Lim (currently known as Runner's Footprint) forced me to do so. 

On 2nd December 2011, I've decided to register for my first full marathon at Sundown.In the next coming 5 months to go, I started my intensive training, of LSD, speed work and also regular runs, clocking up to 1,000 km in 5 months. 

My gears

This was where I meet LYNR group, great friends like, K1, Jimmy, Victor, Yap, and many others. However, none of the earlier LYN runners I met joined me in Sundown.

The Virgins 

And after months and months of anticipation, the race day came. Sundown 2012 didn't start of smoothly. Fallen ill with flu and sore throat 2 days before the run. Started off in front with Alvin, Sebastian, Wayne and YC Lim. Yes, we started off at the 4hours30minutes batch. I remember Alvin telling me, you better comeback before 5 hours!!

First 10km
I remembered clearly what Ang Poh Meng (MPSJ Running friend) mentioned, "don't start off too fast". Controlled my pace at 6mins/km rather well. Ran passed Marina Bay Sands, and also the huge Singapore Ferris Wheel. Route wasn't much different compared to 2XU. 
Completed in 1 hour 01 minutes. Good timing. Not too fast, not too slow.

Consumed my first gel, feeling okay until the 17km where Half-Marathons runners diverted back.
This was where Cikgu Syed overtook me, and I passed Gila Bola Karim
FM runners continued into ECP. Told myself, "if I can finish ECP, I can finish Sundown 2012 "
Completed in 2 hours 4 mins. Still good timing

20-30km = D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R !!!
Jimmy told me his Borneo cramped at 30KM ++. My cramped came at the 21st KM!!
Here’s what I did WALK - RUN - SCREAM (pain) - STRECH for almost the whole 10km!
Ate everything I had, Power Gel, Salt Tablet, ORS, Banana, 100plus, barely helped much.
Took ointment and spray from medics, but I refused to sit down, and rest.
To make matters worse, after the 25km U-turn, it started to rain HEAVILY!
Met Kevin Lau after the the U-turn at the opposite direction. He screamed at me "Cramp!! " I replied "Me too!!!"
At the 30th km, I endured the worse pain of all. My entire right leg was cramped stiff. The pain was so excruciating, I could have cried.Furthermore, it was very demotivating to see runners running by, while you're limping step by step along the way. I continued my run-walk-strech routine (still refusing to stop).  Completed in 3 hours 25 mins.

Left East Coast Park, on the way back towards some construction site. It was still raining heavily.
Here I remember 2 great advise from my MPSJ running buddies
 Avtar Singh " If you got to walk, WALK FAST!!"
Andy Yeo "When your feet are tired, try landing on different parts of your feet"
I continued my final strech, with 80% heal stride, and when the cramp came, I walked (big steps and fast!) Most exciting moment was at 34km, and my watch was showing 4hours. I need to do 8km in 1hour. Possible? I have no idea!! just run....

42km (Final Kilometer)
FYI for those who didn't run Sundown 2012, final KM was a looooonngg strech of highway known as Nicoll Highway. You need to run up a small bridge (with slight gradient), and by the time you pass the bridge, the finishing line is 200meters away.
A young gentleman named Eugene, ran alongside me. He can see I was struggling to continue on. His words were short and simple "Push on", "a little bit more" & "don't give up"

I ran for 2 years, cross the finishing line many times, but the feeling was completely different compared to 10km,21km or 30km.The moment I cross the blue sensor, I was filled with emotions, and screamed in delight.

I cross the finishing line at exactly 4hours56mins07secs. Initially I targeted K1's timing of 4.32, but with so things not going my way, (flue, ill, cramp, rain), this was indeed a great marathon experience.

The best moment!!

Virgin no more!
Will I run another 42km?
See you at KL Marathon.

My 1st Full Marathon - Borneo International Marathon (YK LIM)

After 1 year running for half marathon and achieved the results that I want, I have decided to do full marathon this year. I have never planned to have my 1st FM in Borneo, but somehow the plan turns out to be it.

My so called sign board photography style

Every run starts with a goal, initially I am stucked in between "just to complete" or "complete within specific time", then later I have to decide whether to do sub 5:30 or sub 5:00, I pretty much sure I can do around 3:10 for 30KM, but I can't be sure if I can finish the final 12KM within 1:50 after seeing Kelvin Wan terrible virgin marathon timing, we are pretty close at 21KM timing, so I thought he would be a reasonable benchmark, anything beyond 30KM could be disasterous. 
After trained twice with K1 for 30KM, it further confirmed that my 30KM timing could be slightly behind K1, so I will take his Energizer result as a benchmark, he did 4:39. I thought, may be I should challenge myself for 5:00...That would mean, an average 7min/km pace. 
Come race day, I woke up with too much phlegm in my throat, was coughing the whole 15mins and clearing them until I can finally breath properly. I thought: what if I cough during the race ? I don't really have much time to think about that, so, WTF, just go for it!!! 
The race started before we were even ready, so it was quite rushing to cross the starting line, my initial plan was to do 6min/km pace for 1st 10KM, followed by 6:15-6:30min/km for the next 11KM, then with the extra time I saved from the 1st 21KM, some 15mins, the 2nd half of the race I am much safer on timing. 
Situation doesn't always go as planned, I managed to follow the 4:30 pacer and maintain 5:50min/km pace for the 1st 10KM and surprisingly I was able to keep that pace for the next 11KM though some knee pain kick in at 17th KM. I took a 2nd surge at 19th KM and the effect kicked in at around 21KM.
After 22KM, I started to walk through all water station to get sufficient time to rest, I was still able to keep a 6min/km pace with minor pain on left knee and right knee alternately, but my breathing was hold steady, so I thought probably I can try to maintain this pace for until 30KM, and I did. Cold water sponge helps alot on cooling down the body and the knees. I started to get 1st Aid spray at 26th KM. Another 2nd surge was taken at 28th KM. 
At 31KM U-turn, sun started to come out and my timing was just at 3:05, an extra min for me to spare while maintaining an average 6min/km pace. I was quite surprised that I was still able to maintain the pace although I had more pain on my feet, but I felt OK and continue to push through. The Borneo route was mainly flat until 33th KM with minor elevation which killed my speed a little. 
The suffering started at 35th KM which I started to feel my breathing went shallow and I had to conciously breathe, the pain started to affect my thigh, my calf and my knees. Every second become counting distance for the next station for rest and 1st aid spray. Managed to get another spray at 39th KM and I knew that was the last station before finishing line. At the time, I knew I am going to finish sub 4:30, I probably going to end up with 4:15 if I push through, but I decided to slow down with smaller steps just in case cramps attack. The final 3KM, I was just focusing on breathing and looking for the sign of the Likas Stadium entrance. The moment entering stadium, I knew I made it and I still manage to do a 100meters push and cross the finishing line. Result? 4:18.

See, fast finisher get a chance to snap a photo with me, Alvin Yap
My accomplishment!
This is really a very surprising result to me, I thought anything sub 4:30 would be my next year's target, it is probably because of Borneo's flat route, I don't think I can do the same at SCKLM.
Couldn't have done this Borneo race without the support of the gang that stayed in the same apartment
Guess who did I share a bed with?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Are you ready for SCKLM 2012?

Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) venue confirmed:
ETCi - Exchange Trade Centre, Dataran Merdeka, No 70, Jalan Raja, 50350 Kuala Lumpur

It's located at the basement of Dataran Merdeka.For more info:
Date: 20 June, 21 June, 22 June & 23 June 2012
Time: 12pm – 8pm (20 June – 22 June 2012 
          11am – 6pm (23 June 2012)

If you are unable to collect your packs on the abovementioned dates, you may appoint a representative to collect on your behalf. Your representative will have to produce their identification card or passport, completed authorisation letter and a photocopy of your identification card or passport.

Each appointed representative can collect up to a total of 6 entry packs including their own if they are a runner themselves. 

Also brave yourself to start with others based on your registered category. Refer to the category breakdown for SCKLM 2012.

Friday, 25 May 2012

Sundown Last minutes change route

SINGAPORE: The first and only night marathon in Singapore has, unfortunately, drawn flak again.

More than 28,000 people have signed up for Saturday's 2012 Sundown Marathon, and many have taken to the event's Facebook page to voice their anger and frustration after being informed only two weeks ago of last-minute changes to the race route and start times.

The fifth edition of the marathon was initially expected to debut a new route that would take runners in the 42km marathon from the start point at Nicoll Highway to the West Coast before heading back to the city.

But at the Sundown Race Expo on May 11, event organisers HiVelocity announced that the full marathon participants will now start at Nicoll Highway and head towards East Coast Park via the Marina Barrage before making their way back to the start point.

Race start times for all three events have also been pushed back by an hour to 10.30pm for the 10km category, and 12.30am for the 21km and 42km race.

At last year's marathon, participants from all three categories started and ended their races at the Changi Exhibition Centre.

"This must be the worst Sundown Marathon ever ... (they) decided to change the time as and when they like. And now, the route itself is changed," said Eugene Tan in a posted comment.

Added Hilary Francis: "Changing the start time so significantly (two) weeks before the race is irresponsible and shows a lack of planning."

Runner Cindy S E Peh also posted a comment which said: "With the half and full marathon flagging off together ... Human jam everywhere! Just that it's happening in the middle of the night this time round. Thumbs down."

But HiVelocity director Jeffrey Foo told Today that they had been working on the issue with the Traffic Police, the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) and other relevant parties since December, and had to consider factors like the event's impact on businesses and stakeholders along the race route during peak hours and disruption to traffic. A solution was only reached two weeks ago.

"We understand that (the changes were late) but we were hoping to push till the last minute. We will continue to work on getting the route to the West Coast for next year," said Foo.

"The learning lesson is we want to engage authorities at a much earlier time (in future)."

Foo also acknowledged participants' concerns over the decision to flag off the 21km and 42km race together at 12.30am at the start point.

To help deal with that, runners will be segregated by the different time pens - where runners will stand in their estimated completion time zone - to mimimise congestion at the Nicoll Highway flag-off point.

With the races expected to finish later on Sunday morning, transport arrangements have also been made for a late night bus service (S$5) from 12am to 6am to ferry participants from the race village to designated MRT stations islandwide.

"We want to give half and full marathon runners, especially the fast runners a chance of breaking away and avoid them bunching together. There will also be bicycles to clear the way for runners leading the pack," said Foo.

"One reason for delaying the races by an hour was because of the Saturday night traffic and safety. This is to give participants an undisrupted and better race experience."


Hitting the wall

Sometimes you hear someone say, or you read, "then he hit a wall" meaning what exactly?
Run direct to the wall?? NO!!!

In endurance sports such as cycling and running, hitting the wall or the bonk describes a condition caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles, which manifests itself by sudden fatigue and loss of energy. Milder instances can be remedied by brief rest and the ingestion of food or drinks containing carbohydrates. The condition can usually be avoided by ensuring that glycogen levels are high when the exercise begins, maintaining glycogen levels during exercise by eating or drinking carbohydrate-rich substances, or by reducing exercise intensity.

Everyone of us at some point will "hit the wall" on our journey in life. A place in which we feel STUCK (emotionally, spiritually, physically, and even financially). A place where we continually repeat unhealthy patterns. In return, those patterns give us the same negative, unhealthy outcomes and we continually "hit the wall".!
There will be a season in each of our lives where we will be confronted with the brutal facts of our reality. A time in which we can't walk, run, or hide from our pain anymore. Some of us feel so tired, knocked down, beat up, and have been tottering on emotional craziness...why? Because, we've been ignoring the emotional life (what's really hurting us within).
A good starting question to ask ourselves is, "What is your pain?" And then, exploring and engaging the "why" behind that pain.

For Runners "hit a wall." It's a point where the runner is exhausted and in pain. But if he/she keeps running, the runner can go past this point. "Get a second wind."
Very nice Distance Marking for Full Marathon

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Brooks Pure DRIFT!!! Coming 2013

Brooks takking PureProject collection to the next level, unveil the second generation of the PureProject line, and a new shoe, the PureDrift. They claim that this is the lightest shoe in the collection, the PureDrift further amps up the runner’s connection with the ground and their body. The new shoe features a natural fit, light mesh upper and the ability to modify the shoe to a zero offset while maintaining surprising comfort. PureDrift will launch at retail on Jan. 1, 2013 as part of the second iteration of the PureProject line.

PureDrift Features

Backed by biomechanics research in partnership with with Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Br├╝ggemann and Prof. Dr. Joseph Hamill, the PureDrift features the original PureProject technologies, BioMoGo DNA, Ideal Heel and Nav Band, as well as:

  • A dual toe flex located at the three functional units of the foot, allowing for increased joint articulation and a more connected feel. 
  • An injected midsole to enhance flexibility and a wider forefoot that allows for foot expansion, increasing stability and giving the runner a more efficient toe off while ensuring proper alignment.
  • A removable insole, so the runner can customize their experience from a 4mm offset ready to run out of the box, to a more extreme 0mm offset.
  • An ultra-breathable mesh combined with a sleeker upper that gives the shoe a feather weight, near invisible, quality that delivers the ultimate connected

What to expect in the month of July!!

Come July, every weekend its all about running. Organizers are squeezing in all their events before the starts of the fasting month. To date, there are 15 runs/triathlon in confirmed in Malaysia within 5 weekends (10 within Klang Valley). However, some runs' registration already closed as of when this write up is being published, i.e. NTV7 and Shape Health Night Run. So enjoy your runs as it will be rather quiet in the month of August.


(2) MCS FUN RUN 2012:




(1) BHPetrol ORANGE RUN 2012:






Monday, 21 May 2012

20/5/12 - LSD Run, Puchong Kinrara (Newton Route)

Every weekdays or weekends, LYNRs will be spotted on the road as one of our quotes "WE spam as much as WE run" This week's run was a tapering run in support of those who are doing Sundown Singapore 2012 on the coming weekend. Before we forget, all the best to those who are doing Sundown 2012! We had 13 runners ( of which Wayne Way started late and I think he did only 2k because of the Champion League Final and too happy with Chelsea being the Champ!).

This time round we had friends from as far as Rawang (the usual hardworking runner), Kota Damansara, Ampang, Setapak and Klang. Also we had 3 new faces i.e. Hoo Wai Hong, Cliff Choy and Noobus Chang. Runners were broken into various groups as initially some planned to do 15k, 21k and 30k but in the end no 30k was accomplished as Victor Chong and coach K1 decided to called it a day after 17k. Rao and Kannan, completed their planned 21k run.

The run ended with a not so healthy breakfast of roti canai and roti telur at the usual Aladdin Bistro. I am sure the owner is hoping that everyday is a weekend as there will be some additional businesses from us or other runners. Many stories were exchanged within the runners from gossiping of "you know who" to what's beyond the universe.

As usual, the run cannot be left out without having a photothon session. This was taken with the latest Android running on ICS OS but the photographer is not competent enough to handle the usual, one of the worker from Aladdin Bistro.

less Blur pic

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Modern Marathoner

Running is a very basic stuff that we learn when we small.
Time flies, so we are...from a basic running gear, just shirt, pants and 1 pair of running shoes to high tech cutting edge gear...full with GPS, heart reader, compression and soso on...
Full equip with all this kind of technology, suppose we will dominate every race. Yet we still lose to Kenyan, with just a piece of cloth, pants and 1 pair of running shoes....
So Cutting edge gear < strength?? 

Friday, 18 May 2012


to finish 10k bellow 60min, we need speed...
so speed training or uphill training needed.
For this time, find a standard 400M track
              MSN Stadium track, Bukit Jalil

What u need to do,
1) Jog around the track for 10mins, to heat up your engine.
2) take a water break for 2mins.
3) Start back with 100m slow jog 
4) Once hit 100m mark then u sprint for 400m, and try clock bellow 1min 25sec( that the benchmark tat i set for myself)
5) After over the 1st 400m, slow down and jog for 100m.
6) After the 100m slow jog, then back to 400m sprint.(Recommended after 5time 400m take 1min water break)
7) keep repeat step 4-5 till u complete 10 loop,
8) Once u finish 400M x 10, do cold down exercises, jog around the track for 10mins.
9) Whole process will took up to 45-50mins

*remark* keep yourself hydrated....

42k Marathon race training for FMVs - BY CC.Choi

I hv drawn out this program to many newbies aka FMVs as a guideline to their Road To Finishing A Marathon. One may not follow 100% of the program but according to their capability but on certain training runs, one must not skip them (especially the weekends LSD). I trust the discipline of those who wants to follow this program and aspire to finish their maiden marathon in style. This program will assume that one can run a 21k distance without much of a problem. This shud be a 3 months program

Month 1
Mon - 5k to 8k
Tues - 5k to 8k
Wed - Tempo Runs or Speedwork
- 1k warmup
- 2k run at a constant pace (5min / 6min / 7min per KM pace)
- 1k warmdown
Thurs - Rest
Fri - 5k to 8k
Sat/Sun - LSD start with 15k, and gradually increase to 18k, 21k, 25k, 28k, 30k/32k
(The 4 weekend LSD shud be 18k, 21k, 21k, 18k)

Month 2
Mon - 5k to 8k
Tues - 5k to 8k
Wed - Tempo Runs or Speedwork
- 1k warmup
- 2k run at a constant pace (5min / 6min / 7min per KM pace)
- 1k warmdown
Thurs - Rest
Fri - 5k to 8k
Sat/Sun - LSD start with 15k, and gradually increase to 18k, 21k, 25k, 28k, 30k/32k
(The 4 weekend LSD shud be 23k, 25k, 28k, 25k)

Month 3
Mon - 5k to 8k
Tues - 5k to 8k
Wed - Tempo Runs or Speedwork
- 1k warmup
- 2k run at a constant pace (5min / 6min / 7min per KM pace)
- 1k warmdown
Thurs - Rest
Fri - 5k to 8k
Sat/Sun - LSD start with 15k, and gradually increase to 18k, 21k, 25k, 28k, 30k/32k
(The 4 weekend LSD shud be 28k, 30k, 32k, 30k)

To run a sub6 maiden marathon, your pace shud be 8.5min/km on race day and that will give u a finishing time of 5h 57mins. Anything faster is a BONUS, anything slower means you pace urself out or you got into some serious problem like cramps and Hitting The Wall. So in your training, you shud train to run at 8min marathon pace to acclimatise yourself to be able to run at that pace. Come race day when u drop to slightly over 8mins, you will be running very very comfortably.

Note: Work backwards from date of Race day to allow 2 weeks of tapering.

Credit - CC.Choi!!!

Running Location

Ideal running locations
Location : TTDI park
Distance: 1.1KM loop or 1.XKM added hills and stairs
To get there: Google Lembah Kiara TTDI, Jalan Abang Haji Openg.
Safety/Precaution: erm, Monkeys ?
Place : Desa Park City Lake
Distance : 2.18KM Per loop
Safety/Precautions: Beware of landmine (dog poo)
Place: Pandan Lake (Pandan Perdana)
Running Distance (KM): 1.62KM Per loop
Safety/Precautions: Very Safe. No light after 8pm.
Place : Taman Metropolitan Kepong
Running Distance (KM): 3.39KM on synthetic tarmac
Safety/Precautions: Weekends is kinda crowded ..
Place: Subang Ria
Running Distance (KM): 1.14KM
To get there: Next to SJMC
Safety/Precautions: Don't run before dawn or sunset, there are a lot of insects
Place : KLCC Park
Distance: 1.3KM Per loop
Safety/Precautions: Very Safe & Free Water Station, Security Guard around. until 10pm only
Place : Taman Bukit Jalil
Distance: 4km, 3.6km or 2.4km
Safety/Precautions: Alot runner, safe, but got monkey and biawak... open from 6am-8pm
Place : Taman Botani Perdana / Lake gardens
Distance: 2.2km per loop
Safety/Precautions: Generally safe but watch out for motorcycles/buggies at the initial route. Can be quite dark at night.
Street route
Place: Bandar Kinrara (Newton Run route)
Running Distance (KM): 15k,20,25, >30k
To get there: Along Puchong-Bukit Jalil Highway, Bandar Kinrara Jalan BK 5a/3a, Behind Giant Bandar Kinrara
Safety/Precautions: Certain areas with limited brightness
GPS Coordinate: 3.04985, 101.64432
Place: Bukit Aman to Hartamas return Bukit Aman
Distance: 19.1km
To get there: Polis HQ Bukit Aman
Safety/Precautions: Road traffic
Place : Putrajaya Lake Run (Presint 2, 3, 4 & 18)
Distance: 10.5km per loop
Safety/Precautions: Hard concrete path, very safe, flat terrain, nice scenery, can be very dark if one runs in the early morning or late at night

Place : KDE Loop, Ampang
Distance: 2.8km per loop
Safety/Precautions: Nice scenic route. Low traffic, but hilly. 
Place : Putrajaya - Palace of Justice
Distance: 9.9km per loop
Safety/Precautions: route i train at note for my SD marathon and SD84k (cc.choi)

400m Track ( ideal speed traing place)
Place : MSN Track(Bukit Jalil)
Safety/Precautions: Super safe, free parking, super less people
Pro: Track full with sprint or slow Marking, if luckly can train with National Athelete and MSN athelete

Outside Malaysia:
Place : Lumpinee Park, Heart of Bangkok city
Distance: 2.54km per loop
Safety/Precautions: Very safe & free water station every weekend. Open between 5am-7pm/8pm.