Monday, 17 September 2012

Taiping Songlap run!!!

1st year join taiping race, and i hear quite bad but i still give them a try at their FM. (every1 deserve a second chance)
-Bib collection line up for 20min under hot sun and just 3 ppl away only, and my friend can find her bib and this n that for 2hr+ only get a replace bib. Bib quality not water resistant, alot bib fell off...during race day

-There is no baggage service, only set up last minutes and there is no tag for runner. Last minutes cut out paper and let runner themself to write their name and bib .

-The DJ, just keep repeating i duno this and that, im not sure, please ask that guy(i forget that name)
and we duno how that guy look like, tall, short, thin, fat or we going to ask?? 
Just keep play taichi at there, i know this DJ just doing his job and he dint given any information. But the organizer just hide behind.

-Register FM, at internet show that 4am REPORT TIME, 4:30am RACE START!!!, night before race i hear FM starting time change to 5am. So we reach collection day, ask is 4:30. And i hear a guy keep telling a caller 4:30 race start. But we still doubt bout the starting time for FM, my friend call them and confirm is 4:30am start race. So prepare everything eat all powerbar and drink rebull at 4, 4:15 announce 5am race start. Every runner gather inside kandang and take the cable tie to tide our hand, this and that shiting, every runner starting making noise race flag off at 5:07#$#@$#@$. Their Web still show 4:30am, MCB!!!

-Water station, sucks!! 1st water station 5km and given a 500ml water bottle. Alot runner drink 1 or 2 slip then throw away, 2nd water station better a bit. Come with cup. Till 3rd water station, they giving out POP. Thats so sweet till u duno how to drink it...that i just throw it away. At 22km i stop awhile at water station to drink water and i realize that they only left 2-3 carton of water on the floor, Till 2nd and 3rd last water station, they ran out of water and im not last pack of runner all the pack. Im 4hr runner reach there, without water. I cant imagine how slower runner survive it. Last water station for FM just manage by an old aunty, and she still need to point runner where to turn at the T-junction,(mayb they should provide us a map, so that we can find our own route)

-50% of the route dark like shit no light, no people holding light and direct the car and we just run alone in the dark. All runner run in group and show hand signal to notice all vehicle that we at there, if not alot runner will let know off my passing vehicle.

-Whole route no counterpain and ice, lucky i bring 2 travel pack counterpain for emergency. Luck on my side i dint had encounter any cramp and i given to 2 runner. There is no medic all they way...!!

-no volunteer show which part road u running. That till a part "Y" junction that a stupid sign board show straight alot runner go to wrong route, even me go to wrong way . Lucky got a 1 FTAA marshal saw me and ask "why u here, where is your 3rd ribbon" that time i only know i go wrong way, if not i duno go where...mayb back to holland aldy!!!

-After race finish there is no drinks for me, even i finish the whole FM in 4:09 and the best screw part is they give me a "L" size finisher tee, im asking for "M" and they told me OUT OF SIZE!!!!, i feel like WTF!!! i finish 27place size still can finish?? How many "M" size shirt they got??

- Goodies collecting back slow like shit, they just pack on the spot before giving to all runner.

- Just only Got nasi lemak for all runner, there is no refreshing drinks or food...@#!@#!@, i need go tapau drinks from hawker stall, and i saw alot runner coming back with packet drinks tat tapau from hawker stall...

- BEST PART is they never admit and apology to their mistake and still said " you all so many complaints, we not gonna hosting this event next year" WTF!!!!! Kasi money i also wont come...!!!

For me credit got to police,
- They escort all runner all the way with motor and light, Control all the car, if not all runner get knock down by passing vehicle.
- Very frequent police motor escort all runner at the darkest part of the route.
- Show me where is the route when there is no signal and open route to me

Monday, 10 September 2012

Get LC-ed Run (RJM2012)

River Jungle Marathon 2012

5th FM in my life clocking 4:28:56, able squess to last drop of juice inside my body to do sub 4:30.
4:55am flag off and 5min early then planing time, starting running with YK all the way and keep talking till 1st U-turn and the most awesome moment, cause we over took kevin ngan(he slow down only). On the way back we plan to buy ice-potong but we dint bring any money, so i ran back to car n grab money. Over took by alot runner and i start pick up speed so that i can match back YK speed.
Without notice my speed and step keep getting faster and left yk behind follow another group of 3people with headlight. Cause the road is getting darker n darker, and i scare i will drop into longkang, so i slow down follow the guy with headlight till 17km. A stop before the big climb. Resting at the water station taking my 1st power gel that provide by them. After break starting to climb, this is not joking, the hill is getting harder n harder n harder..making u too pain to run all the way up. Thanks got after more then 25min climbing we reach 20km mark at 1:52min.
After water break, taking deep breath, starting to run down 2km+ downhill that will make u roll all the way down. Taking another water break after the downhill, on the way to 2nd U-tun, the lake scenery is awesome that we not able to find it anywhere near city are. 400m after U-turn Yk has appear on the opposite road, but im too tired to push, just able to maintain all the way. A stray dog start follow me run slowly at 26km till 29km before stop for another powergel.
Finally YK able catch me at km 31-32k and we pace each all the way and stop every water station. At km 36km yk start drop out and he eat 3 2nd surge in 1 shot, and he starting to catch me up back till km 38k he left me behind and i had no more energy to follow him. So i just sit there let him over took me and i just slowly run back till 40.5km cikgu catch me and i just slowly follow him all the way. Last but not least we finish together with holding hand...
and i finish 5min behind YK!!! and get LC-ed!!! i be back!!