Wednesday, 5 December 2012

McMillan Calculator

This May not be represent your performance, but somehow it offers a guide on which pace u could possibly reach, provided you train properly>:D

McMillan Calculator

Monday, 5 November 2012

Poweranger run aka Powerman 2012

Completed my 1st duathlon, with unoffical time n place of 2:19:12
Slept unwell, due too exciting and woke up at 4am saw Wayne's message said that his bike has punctured and need change. Reach race site at 5:00am installed back the front tire and just realized the back tire not enough air, lucky a day before race i brought a hand up so pump back the air and locate Wayne. Parking my bike in the transitioning area and my place is the 2nd last from the transitioning exit. After help Wayne change his tire from Noobus tat carry whole tire set and help Sebastian pin his bib, due he over sleep. 

Race flag off with sprint runner follow by team and sprint, just follow the runner infront and keep running finish 1st leg of the race in 24-25min get on the bike and start cycling by watching expensive bike passing me like wind......trying to catch up with them taking corner at km7 if i not wrong end up spinning around and end up on grass. Sit awhile and grab back the bike and start cycle back till km15 is climbing, try to stand up and push. Within sec my calf muscle become hard and pulling hard, so i just able to leisure bring myself up the hill and all the way. Not far away after the butterfly U-turn Mohd Fathudin and Jimmy overtook me, in same time i feel Fuck they able to catch i keep pushing myself to speed up just not let the gap between me n them not so far away.

Once finish the cycling leg i start push my bike in and i saw jimmy just finish put back his bike at the rack, and i run and push my bike to my place. Exciting the transition area, stop by and drink 1 cup of water and check my placing from the manual marker and stated 8x place. Once hit the run my leg still not so smooth to run, feel abit jelly but i keep the pace up overtook few cyclist tat overtook me in cycling just now till 1st water station drank another cup and saw Mohd Fathudin infront. Running feeling come already speedy slowly gain up and keep on the pace till 3rd manual check and saw my place at 64places. In this moment alot people walking, and i just aim top 50. So i back to running and start chase 1 by 1 and the "OM" arrive at last km and i sprint to the finish at 2:19:12

Minor damage after crash
1st Duathlon n PB!!!
1st Round group photo!!!
2nd round group photo!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

WaiHong Bottom Heart Story

Sorry for the bad grammar, not good in essay but feel like saying something to my LYNR family members. .. T^T

2 days after PNM was thinking about the moment of wanted to DNF @KM17 when side stitch happen and severe cramp attacking both my legs. Giving up my hope and sat on the roadside while holding an ice pack on my legs waiting for Ambulance to arrive .

Suddenly my brain flashes someone's voices saying " We will wait for you at KM35 yea .. " That moment reminded me of my fellow teammate is waiting for me at our LYNR aid station .. I asked myself how can I be so selfish and how can I let you all down !! I wanted to meet you all !! After awhile of self sport massage on both of my legs, I continue to fight on the pain toward KM35 .. it was hard .. Real hard .. but I push myself beyond my limit .. whereby my mind is overtook my body and kept both of my legs moving forward till I see K1 and I shout to him " I won't DNF !!" After KM32 there is a U-turn where I saw Jeff Wong, Joshua, Meng Yong, and Cikgu Syed are slowly catching up .. While fighting over the pain on my way and notice far away on the road there's something catch my eye .. "is that the blinking light put on by Hong Lan ?? "
 I have made it so far and I have arrived at LYNR Aid Station .. The moment I sat on the road side with cramp started to kick in harder than just now .. Jason & Hong Lan quickly applied on ice gel on both of my legs and Wayne was spraying the Salopas to ease the pain. With handled over with ice cold Coke and raisin and I saw K1 and sat not far away from me, also suffering side stitch and Cramp but later he moved on After 10mins of resting , I thanked everyone and move on ... After few KM and not far away seeing K1 started to walk partly of the side stitch happen at that time, was also accompanied by him we walk and run toward the finishing line with 4hours 29mins .. Finishing the toughest Full Marathon in my life ..

Unsung Hero!!!

Here i would like to thanks Jason Tan, Hong Lan Tan, Wayne CT and last but not least Renee Tan !!

Keep on Run"inspired" !!

during free time, our unsung hero tried to spray his cramped area as  well

Monday, 17 September 2012

Taiping Songlap run!!!

1st year join taiping race, and i hear quite bad but i still give them a try at their FM. (every1 deserve a second chance)
-Bib collection line up for 20min under hot sun and just 3 ppl away only, and my friend can find her bib and this n that for 2hr+ only get a replace bib. Bib quality not water resistant, alot bib fell off...during race day

-There is no baggage service, only set up last minutes and there is no tag for runner. Last minutes cut out paper and let runner themself to write their name and bib .

-The DJ, just keep repeating i duno this and that, im not sure, please ask that guy(i forget that name)
and we duno how that guy look like, tall, short, thin, fat or we going to ask?? 
Just keep play taichi at there, i know this DJ just doing his job and he dint given any information. But the organizer just hide behind.

-Register FM, at internet show that 4am REPORT TIME, 4:30am RACE START!!!, night before race i hear FM starting time change to 5am. So we reach collection day, ask is 4:30. And i hear a guy keep telling a caller 4:30 race start. But we still doubt bout the starting time for FM, my friend call them and confirm is 4:30am start race. So prepare everything eat all powerbar and drink rebull at 4, 4:15 announce 5am race start. Every runner gather inside kandang and take the cable tie to tide our hand, this and that shiting, every runner starting making noise race flag off at 5:07#$#@$#@$. Their Web still show 4:30am, MCB!!!

-Water station, sucks!! 1st water station 5km and given a 500ml water bottle. Alot runner drink 1 or 2 slip then throw away, 2nd water station better a bit. Come with cup. Till 3rd water station, they giving out POP. Thats so sweet till u duno how to drink it...that i just throw it away. At 22km i stop awhile at water station to drink water and i realize that they only left 2-3 carton of water on the floor, Till 2nd and 3rd last water station, they ran out of water and im not last pack of runner all the pack. Im 4hr runner reach there, without water. I cant imagine how slower runner survive it. Last water station for FM just manage by an old aunty, and she still need to point runner where to turn at the T-junction,(mayb they should provide us a map, so that we can find our own route)

-50% of the route dark like shit no light, no people holding light and direct the car and we just run alone in the dark. All runner run in group and show hand signal to notice all vehicle that we at there, if not alot runner will let know off my passing vehicle.

-Whole route no counterpain and ice, lucky i bring 2 travel pack counterpain for emergency. Luck on my side i dint had encounter any cramp and i given to 2 runner. There is no medic all they way...!!

-no volunteer show which part road u running. That till a part "Y" junction that a stupid sign board show straight alot runner go to wrong route, even me go to wrong way . Lucky got a 1 FTAA marshal saw me and ask "why u here, where is your 3rd ribbon" that time i only know i go wrong way, if not i duno go where...mayb back to holland aldy!!!

-After race finish there is no drinks for me, even i finish the whole FM in 4:09 and the best screw part is they give me a "L" size finisher tee, im asking for "M" and they told me OUT OF SIZE!!!!, i feel like WTF!!! i finish 27place size still can finish?? How many "M" size shirt they got??

- Goodies collecting back slow like shit, they just pack on the spot before giving to all runner.

- Just only Got nasi lemak for all runner, there is no refreshing drinks or food...@#!@#!@, i need go tapau drinks from hawker stall, and i saw alot runner coming back with packet drinks tat tapau from hawker stall...

- BEST PART is they never admit and apology to their mistake and still said " you all so many complaints, we not gonna hosting this event next year" WTF!!!!! Kasi money i also wont come...!!!

For me credit got to police,
- They escort all runner all the way with motor and light, Control all the car, if not all runner get knock down by passing vehicle.
- Very frequent police motor escort all runner at the darkest part of the route.
- Show me where is the route when there is no signal and open route to me

Monday, 10 September 2012

Get LC-ed Run (RJM2012)

River Jungle Marathon 2012

5th FM in my life clocking 4:28:56, able squess to last drop of juice inside my body to do sub 4:30.
4:55am flag off and 5min early then planing time, starting running with YK all the way and keep talking till 1st U-turn and the most awesome moment, cause we over took kevin ngan(he slow down only). On the way back we plan to buy ice-potong but we dint bring any money, so i ran back to car n grab money. Over took by alot runner and i start pick up speed so that i can match back YK speed.
Without notice my speed and step keep getting faster and left yk behind follow another group of 3people with headlight. Cause the road is getting darker n darker, and i scare i will drop into longkang, so i slow down follow the guy with headlight till 17km. A stop before the big climb. Resting at the water station taking my 1st power gel that provide by them. After break starting to climb, this is not joking, the hill is getting harder n harder n harder..making u too pain to run all the way up. Thanks got after more then 25min climbing we reach 20km mark at 1:52min.
After water break, taking deep breath, starting to run down 2km+ downhill that will make u roll all the way down. Taking another water break after the downhill, on the way to 2nd U-tun, the lake scenery is awesome that we not able to find it anywhere near city are. 400m after U-turn Yk has appear on the opposite road, but im too tired to push, just able to maintain all the way. A stray dog start follow me run slowly at 26km till 29km before stop for another powergel.
Finally YK able catch me at km 31-32k and we pace each all the way and stop every water station. At km 36km yk start drop out and he eat 3 2nd surge in 1 shot, and he starting to catch me up back till km 38k he left me behind and i had no more energy to follow him. So i just sit there let him over took me and i just slowly run back till 40.5km cikgu catch me and i just slowly follow him all the way. Last but not least we finish together with holding hand...
and i finish 5min behind YK!!! and get LC-ed!!! i be back!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Guys be prepare Kelab Roadrunner Ipoh A.K.A (KRI) organize a run at Ipoh!!!
Guess this race is better then IIR
Stay tune for register and price information


Date : 7 October 2012
Time : 7.30am (going to be roasted for HM runner)
Venue : Kinta Riverfront Hotel Suites Ipoh
Early Bird : 23th July - 1st Sept 2012
Distance :10km or 21km
Category : 21km or 21km Mixed relay
               : 10km
Email :

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cat and Mouse training

Is a training that recommended by CC.Choi, that call handicap 1 or 2min but i name it CAT AND MOUSE.

How it works??
  1. Find a route that under 10km (cause u need a break in the middle)
  2. Let the other runner start the training
  3. After 1 minute, your turn to start the running.
  4. Keep chase the runner and close the gap as much as possible, if can overtake the other runner.
  5. After first run, take a water break 2-3 minutes
  6. After water break switch with the other runner, he will become chaser 
  7. Try to not let the chase to get you...
By end of the day your timing will increase incredibly 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

LYNR Seremban HM2012

LYNR Seremban HM 2012

  1. C0517 C.H.YAP                   1:44:12.4 / 1:44:20.8
  2. B0228 CIKGU SYED          1:47:29.9 / 1:47:53.9
  3. B0169 WAI HONG              1:48:27.9 / 1:48:51.3
  4. C0502 MENG YONG         1:50:28.6 / 1:50:53.8
  5. C0468 JOSHUA LIN           1:51:45.9 / 1:51:54.6
  6. B0145 K1                            1:53:17.4 / 1:53:41.8
  7. B0149 STEVE YAP             1:57:24.9 / 1:57:35.9 
  8. B0144 TENNO                    2:05:37.1 / 2:06:01.1 
  9. B0259 SHIEN LOO             2:07:16.1 / 2:07:38.3
  10. B0141 WILLIAM                 2:12:32.8 / 2:12:59.6
  11. B0305 CHEE WK                2:12:52.7 / 2:13:16.9
  12. B0268 JEFF WONG            2:13:10.8 / 2:13:18.7 
  13. A0009 REYNE                     2:23:57.7 / 2:24:03.7
  14. C0431 Y.H.TAY                   2:32:19.9 / 2:32:47.1
  15. B0143 ANN RIC                 2:32:11.8 / 2:32:38.0
  16. B0156 TAN TECK HOE     2:33:31.3 / 2:33:58.3
  17. B0148 ELDRED                  2:52:28.5 / 2:52:54.2

P.S. If your name not on your list pm your name or bib number

LYNR member Men`s Health & Shape night run result

LYNR member Men`s Health & Shape night run result:

  1. C4081 KARSTEN             00:54:41.56 / 00:54:48.93
  2. A0249 STANLEY              00:56:16.87 / 00:56:29.30
  3. A0134 KEN YANG           00:57:41.23 / 00:58:00.30  
  4. A9764 K1                          00:58:51.53 / 00:59:17.80
  5. A0794 YK                         01:02:10.26 / 01:02:36.05
  6. A1709 M.FIRDAUS          01:02:25.84 / 01:03:35.55 
  7. A0021 JEFF                      01:06:20.83 / 01:06:33.30
  8. A0081 SOON CHUNG    01:06:22.05 / 01:06:47.31  
  9. A9709 ALVIN                   01:06:36.03 / 01:07:02.55
  10. B2059 FONG YEE            01:11:04.56 / 01:11:24.57
  11. A9634 WAYNE                 01:11:09.86 / 01:11:49.07(Cliff)
  12. A1772 YAP H.S                01:12:09.68 / 01:14:28.05 
  13. A0994 WILLIAM              01:17:01.54 / 01:17:39.05
  14. A9753 EDMUND             01:17:31.31 / 01:17:59.30
  15. A1923 SEBASTIAN         01:19:32.56 / 01:20:09.55
  16. B3139 RENEE                  01:24:10.23 / 01:24:27.56
  17. B3138 KELLY                  01:24:11.49 / 01:24:29.06
  18. B2739 PUIYAN                01:24:40.78 / 01:25:20.80 
  19. A1049 V HOE                  01:24:43.57 / 01:27:24.56 
  20. A9623 JERRY KHOR      01:26:42.56 / 01:28:28.81
  21. B2105 MAGGIE               01:28:21.59 / 01:29:02.31 
  22. B3090 VINNY                  01:28:57.83 / 01:29:38.31
  23. A9741 ELDRED               01:28:52.79 / 01:29:57.81
  24. B3121 NGLYPING           01:36:19.64 / 01:36:46.62
  25. A1372 WERETIGER        01:39:58.57 / 01:40:25.56(K1 Brother)
  26. A1805 CHIEW HENG      01:52:42.62 / 01:53:49.61

P.S. If your name not on your list pm your name or bib number

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

SCKLM 2012 - K1

Early 2012 Hong Kong Standard Chartered has held on 5 February 2012 (Sunday), few of my runner buddies from Malaysia fly to HK for this remarkable race. Mean while top scandal celebrity Edison Chen join his second run after HK nike run 11. Unbelievable Edison completed the 42.19km race in 3 hours, 55 minutes and 4, and he shock the running world. Unfortunately he been disqualifying from the race due he exchange his bib with his friend, due he dislike the number.(NEVER EVER exchange your bib if u are a high profile or fast runner). So I took his time for my target that is 3:55:04, seen hard rite??
In this period alot 30k LSD has been done from 3:20 for 30k become 2:50 and in the middle finished ENR12 night race in 4:39 that cramp at last part.
The week has come, race kit collection this year at dataran too, different from last year at bukit jalil. That u can had air-corn while collecting, downside for this is lack of parking.

Goodies inside racekit.

23th June 2012 at the garden paparich, around 27-29 LYN Runner, gather once again for bullshiting

 all busy talking to each other.
Want go faster?? Talk to his hand.. (see the book below)
Group Photo time after Yam Cah
Last but not least, Ann Rick Belanja ohcha.
Fuel for before n raceday

Finally the raceday has arrive, me and victor plan take their shuttle bus cause is FREE!!! From Bukit Jalil to dataran just took 15minutes, Guess what we saw when we arrive. We saw elite kenyan runner, with all their coach walking side by side. Without wasting anymore time we direct deposit out baggage and meet LYNRunner beside fountain.
As usual all group up and had photo, 42km LYN Runner group photo
Before starting, every1 is exciting and talking how to get famous in a second alot crazy idea came out. Once the gun shoot, the game is on. For this run, i just aim for 4hrs so i keep chase the 4hr pacer that 100-150m infront of me with cikgu beside me. Once pass KL sentral, Kevin Ngan appear beside me with his GF and told me "today i run slow, i need accompany my GF". Finally i able to catch 4hr pace at Mid Valley and suddenly it start raining, that moment really WTF. Every1 slow down and keep their phone inside their plastic bag, lucky this run i never bring any gadget. At 8km i able to catch up cikgu due he go to toilet break, but he over took me again at 9km.
After get overtook by cikgu,at 11km i saw Jeff running slow on the left side, i also feel weird how come he slow at there. So i shout "sub 3:50?? go faster la!!". at 13km i catch up "SUPERMAN" a guy that dress up like a superman with a red cape behind. After 13km i unable to see any cikgu shadow, so i keep running with the pacer. 19km catch up Joshua Lin another LYN runner member.

Finish 21k around 1hr 55min, that the moment i took my 1st power gel. Alot runner that over took me at 1st 20km starting to slow down and let me catch up. Not much thing happen till 23km i saw YK admire "JESSICA" infront of me and it took me 2km to over took her. Without warning a guy with green lime vest from Sg running beside me and told me"come let`s do together" so i follow him. At 27km i able overtake cikgu again and Muniandy(bukit jalil runner),continue run with the SG runner.

At 32km i had to stop awhile to put some pendoskin to my leg, cause i can feel the pain start kicking in. That just a early prevention, and 2 4hr pacer just go away like that left 1 behind me. I keep told my self not to drop behind the last 4hr pacer, if not i will "". Unable to catch up 2 pacer infront, so i run with 2 SG runner, and 1 Malaysian. Sun starting to come out, and the SG runner start singing "the sun comes down the stars come out - the wanted" so i also join the singing with 5.30min pace. Slowly i leave him behind till 35km a runner suffering a bad cramp and stand in the middle of the road, so i pass him my last pendoskin. Keep on running till 36-37km where CC Choi set booth at there and shout SUB4!! at me, at 37km there uphill my leg starting feel the power of bukit tungku. Kevin Ngan catch me up and giving me motivation words, but my leg is too pain to continue. So i walk all the way up the hill and YK admire "JESSICA" caught me at the hill part, just able to see her pass me. Once i reach the last top hill i start ran rollercoster down the hill at 40km following by the U-turn, and just 200m behind the last 4hr pacer is catching up. Without wasting time i starting pick up reach the last 2 straight stretch, at that moment an aunty that run with me since start over take me and shout at me "come on young man SUB 4!!!" but im too tired to pick up my speed. After last U-turn another girl that run with me since start over take me and shout same thing "SUB4 Come on!!!". So i just let them go and slowly run to the finisher line, after bump with Ryan lee and Hong Lan Tan.
Finally i able clock 4:01:27 that 6min offset from my target time..
Last run to the finishing line

As usual after race all capture pic, but every1 gone wild

Sunday, 17 June 2012

TM Fan Run 2012

As usual, its like a ritual yearly in June or July, Haze will come visiting Malaysia. This year, it came visited Klang Valley on 15 July 2012. There were talks as to whether this weekend's TM Fan Run (TMFR) and next weekend's SCKLM will be called off because of its visit.

The weekend came and go, looks like when we afraid of haze, rain came over to took control at the 3-4 km mark into the run. A few of us tried to show off their new sunnies and I am sure you know who you are. Probably you guys brought the rain.

LYNR decided to meet up at the fountain located at the end of the Dataran Mederka field.
TM FAN Run waiting place
As usual there will be early birds. The "Bersih" group is hidden at one corner of the field camwhoring.
Few of the early birds
This round, we have a "new friend" decided to join us for the 1st time. He is quite shy initially and we decided to ask K1 (our own coach) to pace him.
Our new friend, Angry Bird
K1 will be pacing our new friend

The run started with the singing of National Anthem, Negaraku and subsequently the 7km run started on the dot at 8.00am with about 5,000 registered runners.
Runners waiting at the starting point
Things started well until our Coach went out of control. He even tried to control the traffic but not sure did he annoy the Tuan Traffic Police with his *peep peep* whistle he carried along.

Looks like you can see a sea of lemon yellow/green/'bersih" runners tried to gate clash the Orange Runners. Remember one of us was told off by an auntie for not wearing the event Tee and sounds like we are not patriotic... hehehe!

Half way through the run, somewhere the 3-4km mark, rain took over from haze. Suddenly it started to rain heavily. Some runners were taking shelter at bus stop but most continued with their run. Am not sure how many sets of mobile phones were destroyed during this downpour? Our avid photographer runner, Soon Chung was trying his best to protect his baby with a piece big leave. Hope everything will be fine after storing it in a 5kg of rice overnight or the next few nights. 

Towards the last turning, which is at the beginning of Jalan Parlimen, though its still drizzling, the faster LYNRs waited for the rest in order to have a group finishing. As usual, we will never miss opportunity to snap where ever we are. 
Whatever it takes to photothon, even under the rain

Monday, 11 June 2012

Inspiring video

Most inspiring video that i found that when i start running last year, although im not fat when i start. But this video mean alot to me, kicking my ass off my computer chair. 
Is a video bout a man who is 120pound journey to slim down and get his life better.
Starting with slow jog to a run till iornman 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Are marathons bad for the heart?

Scientists have been trying to find out why some people die of cardiac problems during or immediately after a long-distance run

When word circulates that a runner has died of a heart attack, as the inexhaustible ultramarathoner Micah True did in March during a solo wilderness trail run, many people begin to wonder about the healthiness of prolonged strenuous activity.

Could marathon training and racing perhaps have damaged the heart muscle of the 58-year-old True, a lead character in the book, Born To Run? And, conversely, shouldn't marathon training have made him - and, by extension, all runners - immune to heart disease?

Those questions, familiar to any scientist or phy­sician who works with endurance athletes, inspired several recently published studies of the relative risks of marathon running. The science suggests that, overall, distance running and racing are extremely unlikely to kill you - except when, in rare instances, they do.

The newest of the studies, published last month in The American Journal of Sports Medicine, gath­ered publicly available data on participation in and deaths during or immediately after every known marathon race in the United States from 2000 to

The totals were, of necessity, approximate. "Marathon-related deaths are not reportable," says Dr Julius Cuong Pham, an associate professor of emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and lead author of the study. Physicians are not required by law to report infor­mation about deaths during marathons to the local health authorities.

So the Johns Hopkins researchers turned to news reports, which are actually a very reliable guide to such fatalities.

"It's sensational news when someone dies dur­ing a marathon," Dr Pham says. It makes headlines, and the coverage skews public opinions about the safety of the event.

"Tens of thousands of people finish a marathon, but people hear mostly about the one who dies," he says.

"We did not set out to, in any way, minimise the tragedy of a single death," he says. "But we did want to determine what the record really shows."

What the researchers found was that even as par­ticipation in marathon racing almost doubled dur­ing the past decade, to more than 473,000 finishers in 2009 from about 299,000 in 2000, the death rate remained unchanged, and vanishingly low.

A total of 28 people died during or in the 24 hours immediately alter a marathon, most of them men, and primarily from heart problems.

(A few of the deaths were due to hyponatremia, or low blood sodium, in those who drank excessive amounts of fluid.)

Those numbers translate into fewer than one death per 100,000 racers.

“Our data shows, quite strongly, that marathon running is safe for the vast majority of runners," Dr Pham says. He suspects that for many of the run­ners, the activity saved them from suffering a heart attack that might otherwise have been brought on by a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle.

A similar epidemiological study, published in Jan­uary in The New England Journal of Medicine, reached the same conclusion as Dr Pham's report, even as its authors looked more widely at data in­volving fatal and non-fatal cardiac arrests in half and full marathons over the past decade.

The researchers found 59 cases of cardiac arrest during a half or full marathon, 51 of them in men, and 42 of them fatal. The average age of the affect­ed racers was 42, and an overwhelming majority of them were approaching the finish line - within the last 10km for the marathon and the final 5km for the half - when they fell.

"The findings reinforce what we really already knew," says Dr Paul Thompson, the chief of cardiol­ogy at Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, an author of the study and a long-time marathon runner, "which is that you are at slightly higher risk of suf­fering a heart attack during a marathon" than if you were merely sitting or walking sedately during those same hours.

But overall, running decreases the risk of heart disease, he says, and therefore the likelihood of your suffering cardiac arrest at all.

But, Dr Thompson continues, running does not absolutely inoculate anyone against heart disease. He says genetics, viruses, bad habits from the past, bad diet or plain bad luck can contribute to the de­velopment of plaques within the arteries or heart damage like cardiomyopathy, an unnatural enlarge­ment of the heart muscle, which running simply cannot prevent.

True was found during autopsy to have suffered from cardiomyopathy, the origins of which are un­known, according to a medical examiner in New Mexico, where the ultramarathoner died.

Whether his years of strenuous ultramarathon training and running in any way contributed to the damage to his heart is impossible to know at this point, says Dr Thompson, who has not seen the au­topsy report and never examined True.

Several provocative studies in recent years have found some signs of scarring or unusual plaque de­velopment in the hearts of older male long-time marathon runners and former Olympians, he says. But the studies were small, and deaths during run­ning, as his and Dr Pham's studies underscore, are rare.

If you have any symptoms of heart problems, such as chest pain, dizziness or unusual fatigue, you should, obviously, see a doctor, no matter how fit you believe yourself to be, Dr Pham says.

Dr Thompson agrees. Even decades of hard run­ning are not likely to damage the heart in most peo­ple, he says. "On the other hand, I wouldn't tell people to run dozens of marathons for good health, either. You can get healthy from far less activity."

But there is a pull, an imperative to running. For­cibly retired from the activity by a severe hip inju­ry, Dr Thompson says: "I ran marathons because I loved them, not because I expected them to help me live forever. I don't know if it's the healthiest way to spend years of your life. But it was enjoya­ble. I will miss running very, very much."

Gretchen Reynolds is the author of The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer (Hudson Street Press, 2012). 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

BANANAS With Dark Patches On Yellow Skin has the ability to combat abnormal cells and enhances Immunity

The fully ripe banana produces a substance called TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) which has the ability to combat abnormal cells.

So don't be surprised very soon the shop will go out of stock for bananas.

As the banana ripens, it develops dark spots or patches on the skin. The
more dark patches it has, the higher will be its' immunity enhancement quality.

Hence the Japanese love bananas for a good reason.

According to a Japanese scientific research,
 banana contains TNF which has anti-cancer properties.

The degree of anti-cancer effect corresponds to the degree of ripeness of the fruit,i.e. the riper the banana, the better the anti-cancer quality..

In an animal experiment carried out by a professor in Tokyo University comparingthe various health benefits of different fruits, using banana, grape,
apple, water melon, pineapple, pear and persimmon, it was found that
banana gave the best results. It increased the number of white blood cells, enhanced the immunity of the body and produced anti-cancer substance TNF.

The recommendation is to eat 1 to 2 bananas a day to increase your body
immunity to diseases like cold, flu and others.

According to the Japanese professor, yellow skin bananas with dark spots
on it are 8 times more effective in enhancing the property of white
blood cells than the green skin version

Friday, 1 June 2012

Tom, Dick & Harry's (TDH) "Mou Man Tai" Night Run

"Mou Man Tai" run series 4 is back with a better name " Life 5km Night Run"
As usual same as series 1-3. Tom, Dick & Harry's Pub & Grub, TTDI
Organized by Tom, Dick & Harry's Pub & Grub
1 July 2012 (Sunday), 5:30 pm
How Much?
RM40 registration fee but RM10 will go to Malaysian AIDS Council.
How far? 5km
How to register?? Get your entry form at the outlet and like their FB page HERE.

1) Go to their outlet take register form
2) Fill in the form
3) Pay
4) Take slip
5) Wait till race day
6) Go race venue
7) Collect tshirt
8) Run with "hot chick  brows.gif  brows.gif  brows.gif " u know wat i mean
9) Finish run yam sing...
10) drink drank drunk...then u will "watch the video bellow"
11) Monday MC!!!
*REMARK* Rubber always cheaper then pampers!!!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Difference Between Running and Jogging (cyktrussell)

What’s the difference between Running and Jogging?
When I first got this question I thought to myself “Don’t touch it! There’s no way you can answer this without making someone mad…”  Then I asked some friends and fellow runners this question.  I was surprised by the quick answers I got.  It turns out most runners have, at least in their own minds, a solid opinion of what delineates ‘jogging’ from ‘running’.
We all know what running is, right?  I mean the physical act of running, regardless of pace, form or effort is easy to differentiate from walking, sitting, swimming, crawling or laying on your back in a Hawaiian shirt in a hammock.  The term itself isn’t controversial.
However when you ask a runner if they are going ‘jogging’ be prepared to get a scandalized dirty look.  “We’re not jogging!” They protest.  “We’re Runners!” It’s as if you’ve accused them of not being worthy.
I looked up the etymology of ‘Jogging’.  As a word it is a gift of the British from the mid-seventeenth century that had none of the emotional overtones.  It simply meant to perambulate in some form or other.  Saying “I went for my morning jog” was just a tad more whimsical way of saying ‘walk’ or ‘brisk walk’.   Those whacky Brits.
Jogging presumably acquired some of its less-favorable overtones when Bill Bowerman went ‘jogging’ in New Zealand with Arthur Lydiard and subsequently wrote the book titled, yes you guessed it, “Jogging” in 1966 proposing this recreational form of running as the solution to many social ills and  health problems.
It would seem that during the first running boom of the 1970’s ‘jogging’ was just a way to describe running for your health with no particular competitive inclination.  I think this is where jogging starts to get painted with a negative patina.  It came to be seen as a slower, lower effort, non-competitive version of running.
It seems “Jogging” was originally intended to be a subset of running; a less strenuous, less serious form of running. It was running for the non-competitive masses.
Dr. George Sheehan is famously quoted as saying that the difference between runners and joggers is a race number. The thought being that as soon as it becomes a competition – you are running.  This is one of the most common responses I got when I polled my virtual running friends with this very same question.
Curious man that I am I spent the weekend asking every runner I met if they could describe the difference in the terms.
I asked my friend Rich on our long run this morning and he immediately replied “8-minute miles”.  I was expecting a more thoughtful, if not philosophical response.  I asked him why 8-minute miles?  He said, “Because that’s what the Garmin defaults are!”  It turns out when you get your new Garmin GPS device it will have the transition from run to jog at an 8-minute mile.
Of course, that’s just an arbitrary number set by some Product Tech.  Not all responses to my question were that definitive but many framed the difference as one of pace, effort or distance.  People seem to sense that running is ‘more’ and jogging is ‘less’ in some way but they are hard pressed to come up with a quantification.  The border between running and jogging is apparently amorphous and mostly self defined.
One interesting wrinkle I got on the ‘effort’ argument was ‘conversational’ pace.  Meaning that if you can still hold a conversation while you’re running, then you’re jogging!  I guess that would put an end to my long runs because they would now be long jogs.
When pressed, most people will cite ‘intent’ or ‘purpose’ as the difference.  I tend to fall into that group.   This cadre believes that the difference between running and jogging is not speed or distance.  For this group running requires a more focused purpose, perhaps the existence of goals, maybe the following of a plan.  This faction believes that the runner is not just aimlessly moving about, but is working, to the best of their ability and resources to achieve something.
I think my favorite response was ‘Sweat Pants’.  Meaning if you’re out in your Chuck Taylor’s and sweats, chances are you’re a jogger.  Another great observation made was that whenever the news talks about it, as in “Miley Cyrus was seen jogging” or “Jogger attacked in the Park”, they never say ‘running’, they always say ‘jogging’.  Therefore, if you’re not on the six o’clock news, then you’re a runner.
Why are we so offended when someone asks us if we have been ‘jogging’?  Why the personal affront?  Because, when you call me a jogger you lessen the value of what I’m out there doing.  You take away from the personal sacrifice, the miles and the pain I’ve invested in my sport.  I’m not winning any races, but I’ve worked hard my whole life, as a runner, to walk the talk.
We see what we do as clearly different than the casual and occasional jaunt around the neighborhood in sweat pants.  Is there a point where a jogger becomes a runner? Is it the point where recreation gives way to focus?  Is it the point where we start to care?  Is the very fact that we are offended by being called a ‘jogger’ proof in itself that we have made the transition?
Running, is not about speed, time or miles.  Running is not in our legs.  Running is in our hearts and our heads.  Running is what we bring to the sport, what we sacrifice and what we burn on our alters of shoes and shorts and race bibs.
The truth? The truth is that a runner is that person that defines themselves as a runner because as soon as they do that, they have made the transition from jogging to running.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mistaken Identity

Recently alot runner injury, and they think they are doctor tat can diagnostic themself from all the date they found from internet....Maybe the information that we get is correct, but the injury at our body is different. Because Computer dint had and scanner that scan our body. So i came across this articles from

What hurts? Shins
You think: Shinsplints
But it could be: A Stress Fracture
The Difference: The pain strikes the same lower-leg area. However, shinsplints pain lessens as you warm up, while stress-fracture pain continues through the end of a run, says John DiFiori, M.D., team physician at UCLA. Stress-fracture pain often feels deep and radiates over a wide area, and weight-bearing activities increase the discomfort, says Clint Verran, a 2:14-marathoner and physical therapist in Lake Orion, Michigan. "If you're unsure, or if symptoms don't go away in three weeks, get a bone scan to rule out a stress fracture," Verran says.

What hurts? Knees
You think: "Runner's Knee"
But it could be: Iliotibial Band Syndrome
The Difference: The iliotibial band (ITB) is connective tissue that runs from your hip to your knee. "A tight IT band can cause friction along the outside of your knee, which is why it feels like a knee problem," Verran says. "I've seen people get surgery for a meniscus tear and the doctor gets in there and realizes there's no tear." If it's ITB syndrome, then running downhill, lengthening your stride, and keeping your knee in a bent position for extended periods will exacerbate your symptoms. Stretching to loosen the band can help resolve the problem.

What hurts? Lower Back
You think: Back Injury
But it could be: A Piriformis Strain
The Difference: "The piriformis muscle is deep in the hip region, next to the sciatic nerve," Verran says. "If it becomes strained and goes into spasm, it can mimic a lower-back injury." Often piriformis strains happen when you're putting in a lot of mileage on hard surfaces. The pain usually centers around the gluteal region and gets worse with prolonged sitting. A doctor or physical therapist can differentiate between sciatica and piriformis syndrome by stretching your piriformis muscle and conducting range-of-motion tests. The good news: Piriformis injuries tend to respond well to physical therapy.

What hurts? Sinuses, neck, random body parts
You think: A persistent cold or a few nagging injuries
But it could be: Overtraining Syndrome
The Difference: Push your body beyond its ability to recover, and it will start to break down, a phenomena that exercise physiologists call overtraining syndrome. The problem is that every runner's body has its own breaking point, and the warning signs are easy to brush aside. Look for a cascading effect, says Kristen Dieffenbach, Ph.D., an exercise scientist and athletic coaching education professor at West Virginia University. "It's a chain of events," she says. "You had one thing and now it's two and then three." Overtraining actually results from too little recovery, which can happen even at low mileage. "You're run down, so you keep getting colds and little aches and pains," Dieffenbach says. Other symptoms include moodiness, depression, a dip in performance, trouble sleeping, and persistent fatigue. The cure: rest and recovery.