Monday, 5 November 2012

Poweranger run aka Powerman 2012

Completed my 1st duathlon, with unoffical time n place of 2:19:12
Slept unwell, due too exciting and woke up at 4am saw Wayne's message said that his bike has punctured and need change. Reach race site at 5:00am installed back the front tire and just realized the back tire not enough air, lucky a day before race i brought a hand up so pump back the air and locate Wayne. Parking my bike in the transitioning area and my place is the 2nd last from the transitioning exit. After help Wayne change his tire from Noobus tat carry whole tire set and help Sebastian pin his bib, due he over sleep. 

Race flag off with sprint runner follow by team and sprint, just follow the runner infront and keep running finish 1st leg of the race in 24-25min get on the bike and start cycling by watching expensive bike passing me like wind......trying to catch up with them taking corner at km7 if i not wrong end up spinning around and end up on grass. Sit awhile and grab back the bike and start cycle back till km15 is climbing, try to stand up and push. Within sec my calf muscle become hard and pulling hard, so i just able to leisure bring myself up the hill and all the way. Not far away after the butterfly U-turn Mohd Fathudin and Jimmy overtook me, in same time i feel Fuck they able to catch i keep pushing myself to speed up just not let the gap between me n them not so far away.

Once finish the cycling leg i start push my bike in and i saw jimmy just finish put back his bike at the rack, and i run and push my bike to my place. Exciting the transition area, stop by and drink 1 cup of water and check my placing from the manual marker and stated 8x place. Once hit the run my leg still not so smooth to run, feel abit jelly but i keep the pace up overtook few cyclist tat overtook me in cycling just now till 1st water station drank another cup and saw Mohd Fathudin infront. Running feeling come already speedy slowly gain up and keep on the pace till 3rd manual check and saw my place at 64places. In this moment alot people walking, and i just aim top 50. So i back to running and start chase 1 by 1 and the "OM" arrive at last km and i sprint to the finish at 2:19:12

Minor damage after crash
1st Duathlon n PB!!!
1st Round group photo!!!
2nd round group photo!!!

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