Tuesday, 23 October 2012

WaiHong Bottom Heart Story

Sorry for the bad grammar, not good in essay but feel like saying something to my LYNR family members. .. T^T

2 days after PNM was thinking about the moment of wanted to DNF @KM17 when side stitch happen and severe cramp attacking both my legs. Giving up my hope and sat on the roadside while holding an ice pack on my legs waiting for Ambulance to arrive .

Suddenly my brain flashes someone's voices saying " We will wait for you at KM35 yea .. " That moment reminded me of my fellow teammate is waiting for me at our LYNR aid station .. I asked myself how can I be so selfish and how can I let you all down !! I wanted to meet you all !! After awhile of self sport massage on both of my legs, I continue to fight on the pain toward KM35 .. it was hard .. Real hard .. but I push myself beyond my limit .. whereby my mind is overtook my body and kept both of my legs moving forward till I see K1 and I shout to him " I won't DNF !!" After KM32 there is a U-turn where I saw Jeff Wong, Joshua, Meng Yong, and Cikgu Syed are slowly catching up .. While fighting over the pain on my way and notice far away on the road there's something catch my eye .. "is that the blinking light put on by Hong Lan ?? "
 I have made it so far and I have arrived at LYNR Aid Station .. The moment I sat on the road side with cramp started to kick in harder than just now .. Jason & Hong Lan quickly applied on ice gel on both of my legs and Wayne was spraying the Salopas to ease the pain. With handled over with ice cold Coke and raisin and I saw K1 and sat not far away from me, also suffering side stitch and Cramp but later he moved on After 10mins of resting , I thanked everyone and move on ... After few KM and not far away seeing K1 started to walk partly of the side stitch happen at that time, was also accompanied by him we walk and run toward the finishing line with 4hours 29mins .. Finishing the toughest Full Marathon in my life ..

Unsung Hero!!!

Here i would like to thanks Jason Tan, Hong Lan Tan, Wayne CT and last but not least Renee Tan !!

Keep on Run"inspired" !!

during free time, our unsung hero tried to spray his cramped area as  well

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