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Sundown Marathon 2012 - FMV report (Jeff Wong)

In 27 years of my life I never liked running. In Uni days & while working I played basketball and squash, but was NEVER a runner. I've started running on 10th June 2010, at MPSJ 10km Fun Run when my good friend Jet Lim (currently known as Runner's Footprint) forced me to do so. 

On 2nd December 2011, I've decided to register for my first full marathon at Sundown.In the next coming 5 months to go, I started my intensive training, of LSD, speed work and also regular runs, clocking up to 1,000 km in 5 months. 

My gears

This was where I meet LYNR group, great friends like, K1, Jimmy, Victor, Yap, and many others. However, none of the earlier LYN runners I met joined me in Sundown.

The Virgins 

And after months and months of anticipation, the race day came. Sundown 2012 didn't start of smoothly. Fallen ill with flu and sore throat 2 days before the run. Started off in front with Alvin, Sebastian, Wayne and YC Lim. Yes, we started off at the 4hours30minutes batch. I remember Alvin telling me, you better comeback before 5 hours!!

First 10km
I remembered clearly what Ang Poh Meng (MPSJ Running friend) mentioned, "don't start off too fast". Controlled my pace at 6mins/km rather well. Ran passed Marina Bay Sands, and also the huge Singapore Ferris Wheel. Route wasn't much different compared to 2XU. 
Completed in 1 hour 01 minutes. Good timing. Not too fast, not too slow.

Consumed my first gel, feeling okay until the 17km where Half-Marathons runners diverted back.
This was where Cikgu Syed overtook me, and I passed Gila Bola Karim
FM runners continued into ECP. Told myself, "if I can finish ECP, I can finish Sundown 2012 "
Completed in 2 hours 4 mins. Still good timing

20-30km = D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R !!!
Jimmy told me his Borneo cramped at 30KM ++. My cramped came at the 21st KM!!
Here’s what I did WALK - RUN - SCREAM (pain) - STRECH for almost the whole 10km!
Ate everything I had, Power Gel, Salt Tablet, ORS, Banana, 100plus, barely helped much.
Took ointment and spray from medics, but I refused to sit down, and rest.
To make matters worse, after the 25km U-turn, it started to rain HEAVILY!
Met Kevin Lau after the the U-turn at the opposite direction. He screamed at me "Cramp!! " I replied "Me too!!!"
At the 30th km, I endured the worse pain of all. My entire right leg was cramped stiff. The pain was so excruciating, I could have cried.Furthermore, it was very demotivating to see runners running by, while you're limping step by step along the way. I continued my run-walk-strech routine (still refusing to stop).  Completed in 3 hours 25 mins.

Left East Coast Park, on the way back towards some construction site. It was still raining heavily.
Here I remember 2 great advise from my MPSJ running buddies
 Avtar Singh " If you got to walk, WALK FAST!!"
Andy Yeo "When your feet are tired, try landing on different parts of your feet"
I continued my final strech, with 80% heal stride, and when the cramp came, I walked (big steps and fast!) Most exciting moment was at 34km, and my watch was showing 4hours. I need to do 8km in 1hour. Possible? I have no idea!! just run....

42km (Final Kilometer)
FYI for those who didn't run Sundown 2012, final KM was a looooonngg strech of highway known as Nicoll Highway. You need to run up a small bridge (with slight gradient), and by the time you pass the bridge, the finishing line is 200meters away.
A young gentleman named Eugene, ran alongside me. He can see I was struggling to continue on. His words were short and simple "Push on", "a little bit more" & "don't give up"

I ran for 2 years, cross the finishing line many times, but the feeling was completely different compared to 10km,21km or 30km.The moment I cross the blue sensor, I was filled with emotions, and screamed in delight.

I cross the finishing line at exactly 4hours56mins07secs. Initially I targeted K1's timing of 4.32, but with so things not going my way, (flue, ill, cramp, rain), this was indeed a great marathon experience.

The best moment!!

Virgin no more!
Will I run another 42km?
See you at KL Marathon.

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  1. Strange my first comment didn't go through. What I said was those pictures which you cross the blue line... middle picture on top row is worth framing. Expression really shows the spirit and determination.